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Gargoyles Series Information:
Title: Gargoyles
Alternative Title(s): They Came From the Manhattan Sky Scrapers
Genres: action, adventure, drama, fantasy, mystery, romance, thriller
Themes: ethnic cop / stone dudes
Vintage: 1994
Status: completed
Summary: The series features a species of nocturnal creatures known as gargoyles that turn to stone during the day, focusing on a clan led by Goliath. In the year 994, the clan lives in a castle in Scotland. Many are betrayed and killed by humans and the remainder are magically frozen in stone until the castle "rises above the clouds." A millennium later, in 1994, billionaire David Xanatos purchases the gargoyles' castle & has it reconstructed atop his NYC skyscraper, the Eyrie Building- awakening the Manhattan Clan. In trying to adjust to their new world, they are aided by a sympathetic NYPD female cop, Elisa Maza, and quickly come into conflict with the plotting Xanatos. In addition to dealing with the gargoyles' attempts to adjust to modern New York, the series also incorporated various supernatural threats to their safety and to the world at large.
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