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Godzilla: The Series

Godzilla: The Series Series Information:
Title: Godzilla: The Series
Alternative Title(s): n/a.
Genres: action, sci-fi
Themes: large monsters
Vintage: 1998
Status: completed
Summary: A giant mutant iguana and the only surviving offspring of the first Godzilla that attacked New York City in 1998. Due to Nick's presence at his hatching, Godzilla has imprinted on Nick as his parent, and as a result he is very protective of him. Nick also has the ability to control Godzilla to a certain extent, which allows the humans to use him as a weapon against other mutated monsters. They battle giant monsters which frequently appear in the wake of the events depicted in the 1998 film Godzilla. Godzilla, the only hatchling of its species to survive in the movie, imprints on Nick and becomes the chief weapon summoned against the other monsters encountered by the human characters.
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