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Star Wars - The Clone Wars

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Series Information:
Title: Star Wars - The Clone Wars
Alternative Title(s): N/A.
Genres: action, adventure, drama, fantasy, psychological, sci-fi
Themes: futuristic drama, new age, space opera
Vintage: 2008
Status: ongoing
Summary: Political and economic unrest become the call to arms, and ignite a civil war within the Galactic Republic. Separatist factions vie to form their own confederacy, and ultimately a state, apart from the government of the Republic. Seen as traitors to the peace of its citizens, the Republic, under Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, launch and all-out war against the Separatists, employing the Jedi Order as generals in the conflict. But, sinister forces are at work behind the scenes with the goal being nothing short of establishing a total dictatorship over the democratic Republic. One man, a Jedi named Anakin Skywalker, stands in the balance between good and evil. His choice will ultimately decide the fate of the Union and that of its citizens.
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