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Ulysees 31

Ulysees 31 Series Information:
Title: Ulysees 31
Genres: adventure, drama, science fiction
Vintage: 1982
Status: completed
Summary: Ulysees defies the demonic gods of Olympus by thrashing their precious Cyclops robot in order to rescue the children and his son, Telemachus. In retaliation, these mighty beings send Ulysees and his crew adrift many light years from Earth. To make matters more difficult for the heroic captain and his crew, the demon gods impose a state of torpor upon each member of Ulysees' ship, save himself, his son Telemachus, and one of the children Ulysees had rescued from the Cyclops. Until they find the Kingdom of Hades, and the route back to Earth, their bodies will remain so. Thus begins Ulysees' adventure.
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