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Young Justice

Young Justice Series Information:
Title: Young Justice
Alternative Title(s): n/a.
Genres: action, drama, super power
Themes: comics, heroes
Vintage: 2011
Status: completed
Summary: Four teenaged superheroes -- Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy, established in their desire for greater recognition and respect, namely, a promotion in their positions from sidekicks to full-fledged superheroes, meet with opposition from their mentors Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow. Speedy resigns from being Green Arrow's partner (becoming Red Arrow in the process), whereas the majority seek to persuade their mentors of their worth by secretly taking on a Justice League mission, during which the series focuses on Superboy and his origins. In the end, Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy negotiate with Batman, who organizes a covert operations team — as a practical contrast to the Justice League, whose celebrity status makes it difficult to maintain secrecy over its efforts — ultimately under the authority of the Justice League.
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