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Devil May Cry Dubbed

Devil May Cry Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Devil May Cry Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): 惡魔獵人
Genres: action, comedy, drama, horror, supernatural
Themes: demons
Vintage: 2007-06-14
Status: Completed
Summary: Devil May Cry follows the story of the demon hunter known as Dante. As a half demon, half human, he uses his trusty sword Rebellion and his two guns Ebony and Ivory to take on missions. Dante owns and runs "Devil May Cry," a business that specializes in hunting and killing demon-related problems. Based on the video game series "Devil May Cry."
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The title "Devil May Cry Dubbed" has been marked as "mature", and is suited only for viewers 18 years of age and older. The following anime contains elements of a mature nature, including, but not limited to, excessive violence, graphic depictions of gore, partial or full nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.