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Digimon Fusion Dubbed

Digimon Fusion Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Digimon Fusion Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): Dejimon Kurosu Wōzu
Genres: action
Themes: digimons
Vintage: 2010-07-06 to 2011-09-25
Status: Completed
Summary: Mikey Kudo is a 7th grade boy with a need to help others. Mikey hears a mysterious voice and finds a dying Digimon named Shoutmon in a nearby alley. Mikey's desire to save Shoutmon causes a mysterious legendary Digivice called the Fusion Loader to appear in front of him and drags him and his friends Angie Hinomoto and Jeremy Tsurgi into the Digital World. Mikey, Angie, and Jeremy find there is a growing evil empire ruled by Bagramon. Bagramon is systematically taking over the 108 Zones of the Digital World by collecting the Code Crown fragments, which are parts of a special artifact that, when completely collected, allow the holder to rule the Digital World. Mikey decides to save the Digital World. Mikey forms his own team known as the Fusion Fighters. The Fusion Fighters befriend various Digimon. Mikey uses his Fusion Loader to DigiFuse the Digimon from the Fusion Fighter team to battle Bagramon's Bagra Army legions and collect all the Code Crown fragments. On his journey, the Fusion Fighter team encounters two other generals. The two other generals are Christopher Aonuma and his Blue Flare team and Nene Amano with her Midnight team. However, Nene is later revealed as a figurehead for Midnight's true leader: a Digifusion named AxeKnightmon who blackmailed her in aiding him in creating the Darkness Loader. After AxeKnightmon attempts to dispose of her once she outlived her usefulness, Nene joins the Fusion Fighters.
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