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Eyeshield 21 Dubbed

Eyeshield 21 Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Eyeshield 21 Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): Aishīrudo Nijūichi
Genres: comedy, drama, tournament
Themes: football, school, sports
Vintage: 2005-04-06 to 2008-03-19
Status: Ongoing
Summary: Set in Tokyo, the plot of Eyeshield 21 revolves around a weak, unassertive boy named Sena Kobayakawa who enters the high school of his choice—Deimon Private Senior High School. Sena's only remarkable physical abilities are his running speed and agility, which are noted by the school's American football team captain Yoichi Hiruma. Hiruma forces Sena to join the Deimon Devil Bats football team as its running back. To protect his identity from other teams who want to recruit him, Sena is forced to publicly assume the role of team secretary and enter the field under the pseudonym of "Eyeshield 21" wearing a helmet with an eyeshield to hide his features. The makeshift team initially takes part in the spring football tournament hoping to win through the strength of their new "secret weapon". However, the extremely weak team is eliminated early by the Ojo White Knights, one of the best football teams in Japan. After Deimon's defeat, the spring tournament is revealed as secondary in importance to the fall tournament, where the teams compete for the chance to play in the Christmas Bowl—the high school football league championship. Hiruma, Ryokan Kurita, and Sena regroup and slowly build a real team from misfits and students looking to define themselves, such as Tarō "Monta" Raimon—a baseball player who can only catch—and the Ha-Ha Brothers. Other characters slowly join the team, and the series follows the building and growth of the Deimon Devil Bats and its members, and rival teams as they all strive to achieve their goal of playing in the Christmas Bowl.
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