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Kiki's Delivery Service Dubbed

Kiki's Delivery Service Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Kiki's Delivery Service Dubbed
Alternate Title: Majo no Takkyūbin
Genres: adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, magic, romance
Running Time: 103 min
Summary: The time has finally come for young Kiki, a witch in training, to leave home and take her final test. She must find a city without a witch and take up residence there, by herself, for an entire year. During that time, she will learn lessons about life, love, and what being a witch really means. It’s not spells and potions that make a witch – it’s the heart! In Kiki’s world, witches are not uncommon and are helpful people; Kiki’s goal is to be the best, kindest witch ever. But it seems that living alone in a strange city is harder than it looks. After all, she can barely even ride her broom! But she finds shelter in the home of a kind baker woman who offers to allow Kiki to sleep in the house in exchange for helping around the shop. As she gets to know the city better, Kiki realizes something - a lot of people have too many things to do! After seeing families burdened by too many errands, Kiki is inspired to deliver their packages or bring them bread from the shop to help them out even a little. But why walk when you can fly? Word soon spreads of a “delivery service” thanks to Kiki. But at the height of her fame and glory, it seems she’s lost all her power. Her broomstick won’t bother to lift itself even an inch off the ground. Being a witch isn’t about the power and fame. She must discover what she’s missing, and she has to learn fast – the life of the only friend she’s ever had is dangling by a thread. Literally!
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