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Needless Dubbed

Needless Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Needless Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): Nīdoresu
Genres: action, biopunk, comedy, science fiction
Themes: superpowers
Vintage: 2009-07-02 to 2009-12-10
Status: Completed
Summary: This anime is set in the year 2130 (the beginning date remains unclear), 50 years after World War III. The war has left a crater where Tokyo once stood, a place now filled with contaminated rubble. This spot, known as "The Black Spot", has no electrical power and is seen as a dark spherical patch from outer space and one of many Black Spots across Japan. The Black Spot eventually becomes populated by outcasts, some of whom, as a result of the contamination, gain various powers called "fragments". Those in possession of such fragments come to be known as "Needless". The manga is divided into two separate parts. Part I introduces the characters, starting with the meeting between Adam Blade and Cruz Schild. The arc's events result in the two opposing sides battling at Simeon tower. The battle ends when Adam Arclight, loses interest in the Blade faction, and releases the full power of "PF Zero", causing a huge explosion that destroys the area around the Simeon Tower and scattering the participants in the process. Cruz wakes up alone in the ruins of the Simeon Tower after perceiving an encouraging vision of Adam Blade. Part II follows Cruz on his journeys to find his scattered friends. In a surprising event over the course of one such journey he meets Mio, who decides to join up with him in order to see Blade again. During their journeys they encounter a number of successful situations while making new allies. Meanwhile, Adam Arclight, aware of Cruz's survival, orders his execution. As of the latest release, Cruz is found alongside the majority of his friends.
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