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Pokemon Dubbed Movies

Pokemon Dubbed Movies Series Information:
Title: Pokemon Dubbed Movies
Alternative Title(s): Pocket Monsters Movies
Genres: adventure
Themes: Pokemon animals and their trainers going on adventures
Vintage: N/A
Status: Completed
Summary: Theatrical films, with little exception, center on and feature Pokémon (typically legendary ones) that have yet to officially debut in the games, often with the Pokémon causing some sort of disaster with its powers or being pursued by someone with less-than-noble tendencies. Ash and his friends will often befriend a Pokémon during the movie and must, at the end, say goodbye to their new friend. The locations in which the movies take place have been, since Pokémon Heroes, based on a real-world location outside of Japan. Topics explored are typically deeper than those explored in the episodes aired on TV, with the battle between greedy people who would use Pokémon for evil and those like Ash who are friends and partners to their Pokémon being a central issue in several movies. As with the franchise's TV anime series, the theatrical films and the first two TV specials were all licensed in North America by Warner Bros. with first three films, Miramax Films with four films and Viz Media since Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.
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