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Romeo x Juliet Dubbed

Romeo x Juliet Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Romeo x Juliet Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): Romio to Jurietto
Genres: action, drama, fantasy, romance
Themes: revenge, tragedy
Status: Completed
Summary: On the floating island of Neo Verona, Leontes Montague and his men lead a bloody coup and murder all the members of ruling House Capulet. Only Lord Capulet's young daughter, Juliet, is able to escape. Fourteen years later, Leontes rules the land with an iron fist and crushes anyone who opposes him. Juliet, now sixteen, fights against House Montague's oppression as the masked vigilante "The Red Whirlwind." While attending the Rose Ball hosted by the Montagues with a friend, Juliet meets Romeo, Prince Montague's son and both of them fall deeply in love at first sight. Romeo is a kind, caring, selfless, and humble man who is opposed to his father's cruelty and tyranny and shares many ideals with Juliet. Unfortunately for them, Capulet loyalists are planning a rebellion to overthrow House Montague, while Leontes is obsessed with destroying the threat of the House of Capulet permanently. As these starcrossed lovers face many challenges and adventures together which will strengthen and deepen their true unwavering romantic love even further, an ancient secret hidden deep within Neo Verona is slowly revealed.
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