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Seven Deadly Sins Dubbed

Seven Deadly Sins Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Seven Deadly Sins Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): Nanatsu no Taizai
Genres: adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy
Themes: Holy Knights
Vintage: 2014-10-05
Status: Ongoing
Summary: In a world where humans and non-humans have not yet been separated, the kingdom of Leones is protected by the Holy Knights, powerful magic users both revered and feared by the people. Supposedly the strongest, most fearsome of these knights, the Seven Deadly Sins, betrayed the kingdom and made enemies of all the other knights. Queen Elizabeth doesn't believe this story, and sets out to find the Sins - but when she meets the first Sin at a tavern, his name is Melodias, and he's nothing but a boy in charge of the pigs.
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