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Smile Precure Dubbed

Smile Precure Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Smile Precure Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): Glitter Force, Smile Pretty Cure!
Genres: action, comedy, drama, fantasy, psychological
Themes: magical girl
Vintage: 2012-02-05 to 2013-01-27
Status: Completed
Summary: Somewhere in the universe there exists a place called Märchenland, where characters from fairy tales mingled together. Near the corner of Märchenland exists a world called Bad End Kingdom, where the antagonists of all fairy tales gathered. However, the Evil Emperor Pierrot of the Bad End Kingdom decided to invade the country and sealed away its Queen, while his minions traveled to Earth to collect Bad Energy and give the whole world the "Worst Ending". In order for the Queen to be revived and prevent the "Worst Ending" from happening, Candy, a fairy from Märchenland must gather the 5 legendary warriors called Pretty Cures to collect the Cure Décor, tokens of happiness that has been stolen and hidden away during the kingdom's attack. To gather them, Candy follows the 5 Beams of Light to Earth and it's there that she meets Miyuki Hoshizora, a transfer student from Nanairogaoka Middle School, who is already running late on her first day of class..
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