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Tekken: The Motion Picture Dubbed

Tekken: The Motion Picture Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Tekken: The Motion Picture Dubbed
Alternate Title: N/A
Genres: action, fantasy, martial arts, sci-fi, supernatural
Running Time: 60 min
Summary: The film opens with a young girl named Jun Kazama crying over a rabbit killed by a bobcat. Kazuya Mishima, a kind boy around her age, appears and offers to kill the bobcat to cheer Jun Kazama up, but Kazuya's abusive father, Heihachi, suddenly appears and berates Kazuya for his compassion, which he considers a weakness. In order to make Kazuya stronger and prove his worth, Heihachi throws Kazuya off a cliff to his apparent death right in front of Jun's eyes. Sixteen years later, Jun is an agent within Interpol, and is sent to investigate the upcoming King of Iron Fist Tournament, hosted by none other than Heihachi Mishima, the owner of the multinational Mishima Conglomerate, which has been suspect to unethical and illegal biological experiments. Jun meets up with Lei Wulong, a detective from Hong Kong, and they are assigned to infiltrate the tournament together. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Kazuya somehow survived the fall and is now a cold, bitter man bent on revenge on Heihachi. Heihachi himself is aware that Kazuya is alive and apparently plans to bestow the Mishima Conglomerate to him when the time is right, but Heihachi's adopted son Lee Chaolan is unhappy with this decision, as he desires the company for himself. To this end, he seduces Nina and Anna Williams, two Irish assassins, and hires them to kill Kazuya. While Lee does not care for either Nina nor Anna, each believe he genuinely loves them and is merely using the other.
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