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Toradora! Dubbed

Toradora! Dubbed Series Information:
Title: Toradora! Dubbed
Alternative Title(s): Tiger x Dragon
Genres: comedy, drama, romance
Themes: coming of age, family, growing up, high school, love rectangle, school, school life, tsundere, unrequited love
Vintage: 2008-10-01 to 2009-03-25
Status: Completed
Summary: Despite Ryuji Takasu's gentle personality, his eyes make him look like an intimidating delinquent. Class rearrangements on his second high school year put him together with his best friend, Yusaku Kitamura, and his hidden crush, Minori Kushieda. Along with these two comes Kushieda's best friend, Taiga Aisaka. Her delicate appearance contrasts with her brutal personality. Secretly in love with Kitamura, Taiga agrees to help Ryuji with his love interest as long as he helps her get closer to hers.
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