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Summary: Akira is set in the not nearly as distant as it used to be year 2019 A.D. in post World War III Neo-Tokyo. Tetsuo Shima and Shotaro Kaneda are just a couple of futuristic bike gangers who live life with a disregard for authority. Their world is filled with political upheaval, crime, and massive protests against the government. The film opens with a thrilling battle between Kaneda and Tetsuo’s gang and a rival gang known as the Clowns. But unknown to them, all hell is about to break loose and they will be at the heart of it. When Tetsuo nearly runs over a kid in the middle of the road his life is changed forever. He acquires mysterious psychic powers which have a slight drawback. Every night when he sleeps he dreams of a mysterious person named Akira. Desperate to meet this Akira person, Tetsuo sets out on a path of destruction and can only be stopped by his old friend Kaneda. An anime classic, Akira will leave you reeling and wishing there was more.
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