Megas XLR

Megas XLR

Series Information:

Title: Megas XLR

Genres: action, comedy, mecha, sci-fi

Themes: alien invasion, giant robots

Vintage: May 1, 2004 – April 26, 2005

Status: 26 episodes, completed


In the distant future, Earth is fighting a losing war with an alien race known as the Glorft. In order to save the planet, the human resistance steals a prototype giant robot from the Glorft and modifies it, renaming it Megas (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System). The idea was to send Megas and his pilot, Kiva, back to the Battle of the Last Stand, which was the last major offensive fought by humanity against the Glorft. Humanity lost that battle, but the members of the resistance believe that Megas can tip the scales and hand the Glorft a decisive defeat.

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