Static Shock

Static Shock

Series Information:

Title: Static Shock

Alternative Title(s): The Last Electric Brother

Genres: comics, super powers

Themes: African-American, blaxploitation

Vintage: September 23, 2000 – May 22, 2004

Status: completed, 52 episodes


Virgil was a simple fourteen-year-old trying to survive high school. His best friend is Richie Foley, and he has a crush on a girl named Frieda. He also has a dispute with a bully named "F-Stop" and was saved by a gang leader named Wade. Recently Wade had begun helping Virgil in hopes to recruit him, but Virgil is hesitant, as he knows his mother was killed in gangfire. Wade eventually leads Virgil to a restricted area for a gangfight against F-Stop's crew, which is interrupted by police helicopters, during the dispute between the gangs and police, a shot was fired releasing gas causing mutations among the people in the vicinity. (This event was later known as "The Big Bang".) It also caused Virgil to obtain the special power and ability to create, generate and control static-electricity and magnetism and become known as "Static". But the gas also gave others surrounding the area to obtain their own powers, and unfortunately, it also led several of them to become super villains. The people who were mutated were then known as "Bang Babies", and their mutations apparently spread to other people around them, which explains how Richie obtained his own special ability of superhuman/advanced intelligence, and later became Virgil's partner named Gear.

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