Escape From Hell

Escape From Hell

Series Information:

Title: Escape From Hell

Starring: Daniel Kruse, Emilie Jo Tisdale, Terry Jernigan, Paul Stober

Vintage: 2000


Do you believe in life after death? Dr. Eric Robinson wants to believe and experience that infinite love and warmth that near death testimonies claim is on the other side of life. His colleague, Dr. Marissa Holloway, is on a crusade to alleviate the fear of death and suffering by proving to the world that heaven awaits everyone. In a moment of desperation, Dr. Robinson faces death and discovers the reality of hell – a place the Bible portrays – a hell from which we must all escape.

This new evangelistic movie challenges viewers to confront the inevitable…death and judgment. In action-packed drama we get a glimpse of what heaven and hell may be like. It is a wonderful tool to share Christ with unsaved family and friends. Don’t miss this action packed movie that uses state-of-the-art special effects to take us to Heaven and Hell.

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