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Blue Exorcist Dubbed Episode 14 - A Fun Camping Trip

A Fun Camping Trip "Tanoshii Kyanpu" (愉しいキャンプ) July 17, 2011[12] January 8, 2013 The first semester has ended, signaling the start of summer vacation for True Cross Academy students. But there is no rest in sight for Rin and his classmates. They must take part in a drill lasting three days to prepare them for actual combat, under the guise of a camping trip out in the forest. The guys set up tents while the girls draw a summoning circle around the camp's parameters. When Rin shares his cooked meal with the class, he is reminded of how Shiro always told him to help others rather than to hurt others. Yukio has the class scavenge lanterns hidden in the forest, in which they are given three days to find and light one of three lanterns to be permitted to go on missions. When Rin hears Shiemi's cry during a swarm of moth-like demons called chuchis, he comes to save her by repelling them with his blue flames. However, Ryuji might have catch sight of the blue flames. After Renzo meets up with them, Konekomaru contacts them notifying the location of a peg lantern, a demon that consumes any living thing, preferably women, when lit at night. The five of them work together to transport the peg lantern across a delicate bridge. The plan goes awry when Rin accidentally destroys the bridge and awakens a giant chuchi.


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